• Ruby Red Devon Pedigree Cattle on Warson Beef Farm

    Welcome to the Home of Proper Devon Beef since 1878

    Sustainable, High health, Grass-fed.

  • Ruby Red Devon Pedigree Cattle

    Proper Beef Requires...

    ...Top Class Stock

    We breed and sell Ruby Red Devon and Aberdeen Angus pedigree cattle.  The optimum balance between genetics, health and nutrition is our guiding principle.

    In a nutshell - top quality, healthy, grass-fed cattle.  

  • Warson Farm, Devon

    Beautiful Devon Pasture

    Plenty of Sunshine and Rain

    The farm is in West Devon between Dartmoor and Bodmin moor. It is mainly a grassland farm, with some arable. Our cattle are fed on what we grow ourselves. The good thing about having 60” of rain annually is that we have excellent grass! 

    We passionately believe in sustainable grass-fed beef famring. 

  • Warson Farm House and Barns

    Great Heritage

    An area steeped in history

    The earliest known record of Warson is in William The Conqueror’s Doomsday Book of 1087.  More recently, in 1878, the then owner Sabine Baring Gould created a training centre at Warson for apprentices.  

    His model farm with its large stone barns and living quarters survive to this day. More recently in 2010 the farm has been modernised and extended to house a cattle breeding enterprise.

  • Aberdeen-Angus and Ruby Red Devon Pedigree Cattle at Warson Farm

    Native Breeds

    Red Ruby Devon & Aberdeen-Angus

    We focus on 2 native breeds, namely our local Red Ruby Devon and the internationally renowned Aberdeen-Angus.

    Both breeds are hardy enough to cope well with our bracing weather. They are efficient, docile breeds which complement each other.

  • Luther - Devon County Show 2014 Native Inter-breed champion

    The Best Genetics

    The Highest Health Standards

    We strive for the best combination of genetic breed traits to produce fine cattle.

    Our champion Red Ruby Devon bull “Luther” is one such example. He won the native inter-breed championship at the Devon County Show in 2014. 

    At the same time we adhere to demanding health accreditation standards so that we are able to export livestock and provide semen for AI customers.

  • Award Winning Warson Beef Team

    Striving for the Best...

    ...and Conserving the Future

    We are a dedicated team, enthusiastically taking on the challenges of sustaining and enhancing Warson’s farming heritage. We are here to provide our customers with well-developed yearling bulls, heifers and steers.

    Please do contact us with any purchasing enquiries you may have. We would be delighted to send you a list of available heifers and yearling bulls. 

  • Warson Farm Cattle